Content Marketing Services – How To Find The Perfect Agency And Turn Clicks Into Fans

Content marketing is one of the best ways to get a return on your investment in today’s competitive online marketing space, but in order to pull it off skillfully you have to do things with the utmost of care.  The days of throwing up a half-assed website with average content are long gone.

One of the major pitfalls when employing top-notch content marketing services is finding the right team for your purposes and the other would not be getting enough eyeballs to your content.  However when you do find a quality writer in your niche and you can get the right type of visitors to your content then your ROI can be mind blowing.  It’s all about managing your budget and realizing that you need exceptional, niche content paired with proper promotion, if you fail in either step the campaign is doomed.

Despite what some might tell you, you do not want to skimp on your content marketing budget because great content is the heart and soul of this type of marketing campaign. 

Keep This Firmly in Mind; Content Publishing Services Are Worth it!

You’re going to want to hire a professional team who is intimately familiar with your niche; the trick is finding someone who is talented but not breaking the bank at the same time.  It can be done but be prepared to burn through a number of duds before you find your stud (that is just the nature of searching for quality content marketing agencies).  You might find a superstar right out of the gate but it is rare without going through some test runs with multiple services and writers.  However the blood, sweat and tears will be well worth it when you fight the right service.  

In addition, if you believe that you’re going to find a great content writer for $5 per 500 words then we’re sorry to say but you’re sorely mistaken, indeed you will find hundreds of writers who charge such rates however in the real world this type of content is used primarily for search engine optimization content and not for readers. 

That is the only reason you’ll find such low paid writers, don’t be duped.

In the world of search engine optimization content is king.  This popular adage conveys the meaning that hordes of content must be generated simply for the purpose of creating webpages for linking purposes, this content is solely meant for backlinks or links back to a main, hub website.  This content is meant for Google and the Googlebot and isn’t meant to be engaging or even read for that matter, it’s just the way search engines work.

Because a lot of very poor, filler content is needed for linking there are hundreds of writers in foreign countries who produce SEO content at extremely cheap prices, this isn’t what you want.

If you want to produce content marketing campaigns that actually work skip these writers because this bland, generic, and informational type of content is far from engaging, it has zero personality and will not build a connection with your site’s visitors (it is only for building up pages and creating links, don’t be fooled).

In order to gets real social shares, get visitors to engage with your content (leave comments), build your brand and obtain followers and opt-ins you need a very high level of content.  It doesn’t have to win a Pulitzer prize, but it needs to wildly resonant with your particular niche audience, if it doesn’t then there is no way you’re going to realize a return on your investment.

Every market is different, there is often special language used, there is certainly a distinct tone of voice that works well and most importantly there is an intimate familiarity with certain subject matters.  If you miss the mark in any way then all the grammatically correct, unique content in the world won’t produce results.

A talented content writer in your particular niche intimately knows the subject matter and most importantly they know the concerns of the audience and can play them like a fiddle.  In addition they will be highly skilled at crafting headlines that actually get clicks from social media sites.  A writer who is well versed in writing copy (high level content) also knows how to format the piece correctly so that the page flows and visitors devour every single word.

If you’re content doesn’t get clicks and visitors click away after reading a few sentences then you content marketing campaign will be a huge flop.  Which is why a skilled content provider is truly an invaluable marketing ally. 

When hiring a agency always ask the right questions, such as – have they written in the niche before?  Do they have examples of their work?  Look for references from other clients where possible.  Check the headlines of their previous work, does it seem like it would be appealing to your readers?  Does it have an air of authority?  Or is it just fluff?  The quality of the content will either make or break the campaign, grammar is important but riveting storylines will seal the deal.

The reality is that writers and/or agencies who under charge always get overwhelmed with work and most ultimately end up quitting because they’re not getting paid enough to make it worth while.

After you’ve found a great content marketing company who you’re happy with you need to get your particular audience to the content in order to turn visitors into raving fans.  This is generally done through social media outreach campaigns as well as search engine optimization techniques.  Such tactics are a bit beyond the scope of this discussion however it’s important to keep this in mind because you can’t just create great content and hope and pray, you need to promote the content so that it is employed correctly and gets read by the right audience.   If you don’t budget for this utilizing the best content marketing service in the world won’t translate into dollars.