Visual Rankings Founder, Jeff Tropiano

Jeff is a self-made entrepreneur with a diverse and impressive background including thirty years of business ownership and experience.  For the last fifteen years Jeff has worked in the online marketing world, helping businesses create and market  brands that are visible and growing.  He currently runs Visual Rankings while collaborating with other web service companies.  His passion is to see healthy businesses being grown through long-term development.  Jeff is  committed to loyalty and integrity and treats his employees like family and his clients like good friends.  

At Visual Rankings, our commitment is to make your company more visible.  We do this by using an integrated team approach to online development.   Other SEO companies may temporarily boost your rankings by playing games with Google’s algorithms. But here at Visual Rankings we know that the algorithms are getting more and more intelligent, making these SEO games harder than ever to win.  This is why our team builds your brand step-by-step using key principles that really work.  Then we walk alongside you long-term to maintain what we have developed, come what may in the ever-changing internet world.  

Access to Our Visual Rankings Team

  • Social Media

We will help you build your brand platform across the various social media networks to create free exposure opportunities for your business.  We will integrate your site with social networks and can also help connect you with opportunities for advertising in social media with the best possible return on investment.


  • Content Writing

Quality content is arguably the most important aspect of gaining visibility online.   All the keywords in the world won’t get you the sustained attention that good content brings you automatically and sustainability.  We offer access to great writers and editors combined with expert SEO integration that will help your content become incredibly accessible to those most likely to become paying customers or networkers for your business.


  • SEO Link Building

Not all Search Engine Optimization is a dumb algorithm game.  The key is to know how to integrate the principles of SEO alongside a long-term strategy that incorporates social media development and quality content. Visual Rankings will help you build quality links that lead to long-term growth and visibility, significantly increasing your ability to be found by others in your industry or by those seeking your services.

  • On-Page SEO

By eliminating the deficiencies in your web pages in comparison to competitors we help you win keyword after keyword. Expect nothing less than a scientific, proven optimization approach to every holistic campaign.