A Basic SEO Explanation About Your Title


The Title of Your Content for SEO

Let’s cover some basic areas of the title and expel some myths that surround SEO today regarding the length of your title.

Title length is not and I repeat not measured in characters as most people think and is the fundamental mistake most people make but rather your title is measured in Pixels, using the font Ariel and Font size 12. So to ensure your title complies with Google open a spreadsheet and then open the first Column to a width of 520 pixels then ensure the font and size are set correctly and write your title within this column, if it goes over the 520 pixels then your title is too long and will affect your quality score.

So from now on ensure every title you ever write complies with this and you will be ahead of most in the quality score for the title in your website.

It is advisable to use a free tool like screaming frog to look at your existing titles and simply export them from screaming frog then import to your spreadsheet and check them. By simply doing this you should see a slight improvement in your rankings as Google now places more relevance on title than people give them credit for.

The next part of the title you need to look at is the keyword position.

It is important to get your keyword as close to the start of the title as possible as this gives it more relevance in the eyes of the search engines and you should never repeat the keyword in the title which many do far too often. How many times have you seen a title similar to “Matt Cutts|matt Cutts at Google which is obvious keyword stuffing and will get you a penalty so if you have any titles where you are repeating the keyword it is strongly suggested to re-write these at the same time you review your other titles.

The next thing that is a common SEO mistake in the title is the grammar used as far too often it does not make sense to the user, titles like “London buses| direct London buses” again keyword stuffing and not real flowing grammar so this is for the benefit of search engines and not the user and the search engines know this and penalize you for it.

We then look at what is the real reason for the title of the website?

It should be 2 fold one for the search engine to understand what the page is about but more importantly for the user as you want the user to enter the website and the end result to be a conversion from that user whatever that conversion is.

I see far too often the lack of enticing words being used in titles, words like free, best, alternative, discount and so on should be used where possible to entice the user to visit your website over the others on that page and by amending the title to read correctly and entice people to enter the website could result in a big change in your conversion rates.

So go back review your titles and re-write them “best SEO titles in the US today” will work much better than “SEO titles in the US today”.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will not only see an increase in rankings but a natural increase in visitors as you are giving them a reason to visit your site.

Always remember the title is what the user will see first so make the very most of it and spend time getting them right as you could benefit for a long time to come by simply amending your titles today.