Does My Website Description Really Help With My SEO?

In our previous article we showed you the rights and wrongs of the title of your website and you should also place as much importance on your description as you do your title and here we will cover the reasons why and how it should be done for the user and search engines just like we did in the last article but with the best practices for the description on this occasion for SEO purposes and conversions.

So unlike titles descriptions are actually calculated in characters which include full stops etc and should never exceed 155 characters in total. Some people will say 161 characters which is currently correct but if Google change the page layout anytime in the future you have a small margin to play with if you keep it at 155 but at 161 you have none so always play safe when you have so many characters to use.

So what should a description include? Your description should include your primary keyword and a secondary keyword and similar to the title should be written to engage the user and make them want to find out more. It should also be written in 2 short sentences which I will explain further.

The first sentence should have the primary keyword at the beginning or very close to the beginning and the second sentence should be exactly the same with the second keyword.

Like the title you should include words like best, free, offer, alternative etc in the first sentence where possible and in the second sentence words like visit us today, what are you going to miss out on, the only solution you will ever need to engage your audience and make then visit your website.

As with the title both sentences must be good grammar and read correctly for the user and if you follow this you will be 98% ahead of your competition and will also increase your rankings naturally. So let’s look at a good example and a bad example to help you write powerful SEO descriptions that will help your conversions long term. “Soccer caps for all ages. We supply top quality Football caps for all the major teams in the UK at the best prices online guaranteed. Gets yours here today” “Football caps for sale. If you want to buy a soccer cap then we have lots for you including football caps for everyone.” You can see from description one it uses the keywords once in each sentence close to the front and has a call to action in the description “get yours here today” but description 2 is keyword stuffing doesn’t read as good and has no call to action.

These are common mistakes not just from an SEO perspective but also a conversion prospective and if you can follow these simple guidelines we are sure you will only see the benefits moving forward. Always remember to use the keywords, 2 sentences and ensure it reads correctly and you will be on your way to improving your website for the long term.