Keywords, Queries, And SEO

So many people do not understand the principles of Keyword research and the important part it plays in all our SEO efforts so hopefully we can give you a better understanding of keywords and how it should be done from an SEO perspective.

So why do keywords play such a vital part in SEO? Google and the other search engines rank the keywords and openly show you this with the 3 categories being

Hard Medium Light

So logically do you really think the search engines are going to rank your website that is targeting hard or medium keywords without ranking it for light keywords first?

The simple answer to this is no and if you are not naturally targeting the light competition keywords and ranking for them then the chances of ranking for hard or even medium keywords is far less as it is not natural.

It is our suggestion that you have 10 keywords from each category built into the content of your website and then start to rank for them with on-page and off-page SEO methods.

All too often we see websites trying to rank for keywords that have the largest search volume which in most niches means that these are the keywords with the highest competition and the webmasters fail and give up thinking they can’t achieve their goal when in fact the site has been built incorrectly from the outset.

So why do we say 30 Keywords?

As you will know from our previous article we recommend you have 2500 words minimum on-page and by selecting 30 keywords it will help you achieve this but also it should help keep your percentage ration of any one keyword lower which is also very important for long term rankings.

Imagine only having 4-5 keywords like most websites your percentage is going to be approximately 20% per keyword something the search engines look for and penalize sites all too often for but having 30 your percentage is going to be maybe 8% for the higher competition keywords and search volume keywords something far less likely to get spotted by the search engines as it looks far more natural.

You then need to understand that you need to start ranking the light keywords first although not focusing on them entirely as you need to build up the medium and high competition at the same time.

By following these natural steps you are far less likely to suffer a penalty at the hands of the search engines and will also rank for other keywords naturally that the search engines associate with your website.

When selecting your 30 keywords it is also important to look at the competition for each of the keywords you have selected and see how many links they have to that page of their site, how old is their domain and what is the Page Rank as well as the Trust Flow they have to ensure further down the line you can compete with them.

These simple keyword steps will help you and your SEO long term and make it all look natural to the search engines so now you have a choice the decision is yours.

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