SEO Marketing for Transportation Companies

If you are in the trucking industry in Seattle, covering a full spectrum of clients is a sign that your company is doing a great job. By traveling around the world or up and down the country, you’ll generate greater customer satisfaction and more revenue.

Nonetheless, the opposite is true with search engine rankings (SEO). Your site needs to stay consistently at the top for you to generate more traffic.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a somewhat technical process that increases the visibility of the pages of your website in the search engines. Most people stick to the search results on the first few pages and seldom go any further. And it is necessary that your website appear earlier in the results, that is, if you want a decent volume of traffic to your website. This enables your website to get a higher rank in different engines results by optimizing the content of your website for search engines. This results in the pages of your website appearing earlier and much more frequently in the search engine results pages.


How does SEO help trucking companies?

If you want potential customers who come searching for transportation services in your area to find you, you need to work on ranking your site at the top. Basically, here’s what search engines consider when determining their results.

Blogs Contain Keyword Rich Content

The process of optimizing your website starts from the site itself and you need to make sure that the search engines are able to read the content on it. For this, you need to evaluate the keyword placement and density on your site and it will give you a clear indication of the tweaks that you need to make. Publishing well-written contents that include your target keywords in the title, a few times in the body of the post, and have some internal links tell search engines that your blog post contains information the user is searching for. To identify the keywords, which are generating the most traffic in the transportation industry, there are great marketing agency and SEO software to help you generate more leads. The outcome of this is improved SEO performance and higher search engine results for your trucking company.

Relevant content

Search engines want to display up-to-date and most relevant information available in the search results. When any user is interested in transportation and searches for “trucking company in #location#", the users want to see relevant websites. When your site is active and you’re consistently publishing new blog posts, search engines recognize that and push your content higher in search results.

However, if you’re keeping a stagnant website and your competitors are active, you're likely to show up below them, bettering their chance of catching the attention of potential clients.

Social signals

Although it may be unclear just how big of a role social media plays, it can affect how your website performs in search engines. Using Technorati tags to obtain more exposure through sharing your content on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other media can help bring more visitors to your website.

Moreover, sharing helps build trust and authority; when people share your content on social media, it confirms to search engines that you are a trusted authority. Consequently, pages that shares, tweets, comments and pins rank higher than pages that generate little to no response.

Paid Ads

Paid ads can be a useful tool for your business. However, you should never buy ad space and think it will lead to more customers. Paid ads have to be customized to fit your business and personal needs. You need to take time to understand it and only pay for ads when you are certain that they would yield a positive return on investment. Although it may be difficult to tell if the cost of the ads are outweighing its benefit, understanding this important factor can save you both money and time.

Next Step

Now that you are quite armed with useful SEO marketing strategies for your trucking company, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are important decisions to make, and valuable time to be spent. And while the above tips are useful and interesting, if you would prefer to hire a professional to provide you with excellent solutions, well lucky you. There are companies that are designed to solve your most complex SEO marketing needs.