Tired of Missing out in Google’s Search Results?

It is the goal of every business to rank first on Google. Utilizing the Google My Business tool allows you to move to an easy to find position in searches. Acting as a one-stop shop it allows you to manage the performance and appearance on the search engine. It provides you with information in regards to how your site is found on Google Maps, organic search results allow you to manage client reviews that are left on your site, and most importantly it improves your business's local search results.

How Google My Business Works?

Google My Business Logo

It is a simple process to begin. To create an account you must make a claim to your business. You then will key in all essential details regarding your company. After successful registration, Google will send you a postcard, which acts as your business identification and proof of ownership.

At this point, you are able to begin implementing SEO tactics on Google My Business to improve your local search results. It is recommended that at this point you begin to familiarize yourself with key ranking factors when implementing Google My Business. These are:

  1. Relevance: Despite the many ways that SEO tools are able to improve web traffic it is necessary to maintain a purpose in regards to customers searches. Your information should be clear and related to keyword search intent.

  2. Distance: Google My Business increases local search results. This means that if your business is in London, it will not rank in Chicago. Be sure you are aware of the location for which you’re trying to build traffic.

  3. Prominence: Your listing needs to be active. You are able to achieve this by creating room for interactions, hosting events, and engaging in local content. Managing your reviews and keeping current photos helps to maintain your position in search results.

With all of the effort that you may feel you’re putting out to rank on Google My Business, it’s important to remember why you are working to achieve this position. With the prevalence of smartphones, customers have taken to finding a quality business based on where it shows up in a Google search. This is why having your business rank on the first page is imperative to driving traffic to your door. Google is a powerful tool that identifies useful pages for search queries. Since consumers rely on where a company ranks on google prior to making a purchase, it is necessary to ensure your standing on its results pages. Below we’ll go over the key reasons front page ranking matters so much to your business.

What Are Its Benefits?

  1. It attracts new clients. Being on the first page has many advantages as most people do not look beyond the first couple results. If your business shows up in regards to a potential customers search it will increase the value they place on your establishment. This will help them find your local storefront or visit your website to learn more about your services.

  2. It increases your brand recognition by revealing a strong online presence.

  3. Ranking first on Google drives real life and virtual traffic to your door. Not only are you able to be found on the internet, but in your local community as well.

  4. When your business is found in an internet search it helps to establish your reputation. This positive ranking tends to lend to a more favorable opinion as your company is seen as genuine and credible.

  5. Create engaging content that interests clients. When you have people looking at your website you are given the opportunity to drive sales and grow desire. Videos, articles, and photographs all help to attract potential traffic to your firm.

Businesses that rank first on Google have a tendency to beat out their competition. Many clients will choose an entity based on its search results standing. Make sure yours is the first one they find.

How to use Google My Business to improve ranking on SERP’s?

With the many advantages that come from ranking on the first page in a Google search, it would follow reason to employ every SEO tactic available to secure your position. A few simple steps can immediately bring results in regards to search results. It is shocking how many businesses fail to keep current information, this drastically reduces their authenticity.

  1. Enter complete and relevant information. When registering for Google My Business, make sure all information is accurate and up to date. Your company address, phone number, service category, and all other information needs to help guide your customers to why you’re their best option.

  2. Verify your location. In order for your company to appear in a Google search, your location must be substantiated. This will ensure that your business appears in map searches as well as near me locations.

  3. Post accurate open and close hours. Providing your entities hours portrays credibility, professionalism, as well as improving your overall search result rankings.

  4. Read and respond to reviews. Quality and positive reviews work to enhance the visibility of your business. It also enables you to have a strong understanding of your customers' needs and expectations. Showing that you are engaged and reachable strengthens trust in your services.

  5. Use quality photos. Reveal pictures of your product, your office experience, your employees to help sell yourselves before anyone reaches your door. The more you pull your clients into the experience they can expect to have, the higher your reachable market.

For business owners looking to make small changes to improve their search engine ranking, the most important step is to register with Google My Business. As you work through these steps your visible position in local searches should improve.