Ranking & Analytics Reporting

Organic ranking will show how frequently your website is ranked in terms of 'organic traffic' -- traffic that is not generated by paid advertisements. This is of extreme importance to your business, as conventional search ranking will not take into account whether or not those viewing your website did so because of paid advertisements. In terms of evaluating the effectiveness of the SEO of your website, the importance is clear: you will be able to see how well your website appears in search engines irrespective of paid ads.
Analytical reporting is a similar tool which will help you to evaluate your website's SEO. You can see details on exactly which links users clicked to visit your website and the search terms that people used to find your website on search engines. The importance of this cannot be understated -- you can see whether or not people are actually vising your site as a consequence of the SEO that your website has, or if it is not working as you would like.

Viewing Your Organic Rankings


You can use your organic rankings to see exactly how users have ended up on your website. You can see, for example, the number of people who arrived using Bing, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and the specific keywords that they searched on various search engines. It can also be useful to see how many backlinks -- links from other websites to your own -- to see other websites that people use to view your site. This can be important in deciding where to place ads to your website in the future, such as if a certain forum links regularly to your website, advertising on there could be a way to generate future traffic. 
In addition, you can clearly see your specific Google and Bing rankings overall and for certain search keywords. Using this information, you will be able to compare your website relative to your competitors and potentially see how you can gain an edge in showing up earlier in Google search engines. As a result of this, you should be able to greatly improve how you optimize your website for keywords which bring your website tracking, and optimize the placement of your targeted advertisements.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a brilliant hub for viewing general details about your web traffic and where it comes from. It will tell you statistics on your website traffic, the location of traffic, the number of pages the average viewer uses and much, much more. Unlike other services mentioned on this article, Google Analytics is completely free (and still offers a great deal of information) yet still includes a great deal of functionality. Google's Analytics Reports will help you to tune your website, seeing the keywords that new users find your website with, and adjusting your SEO strategy accordingly. Their reports offer such a wide range of information that it is a brilliant way to start in terms of collecting data to optimize your website. 
Another factor to consider when using Google Analytics is that it can show all of your historical data for as long as you've been signed up to the service. If, say, you start a new SEO campaign to try and boost your website's Google ranking for certain keywords, you can see how your ranking for that keyword changed over time since the campaign, in easy to understand graphs or as raw numbers. There is no better way to see how the changes that you make to your website effect its viewing and search engine performance. 
In addition, Google Analytics can influence the content that you create for your website going forward. This is because it gives statistics for which web pages get the most views and which do not. So, you could alter your website's content and produce more of the kind of pages that get lots of page views, and fewer of the types of content which people are not interested in.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console offers many of the same features as Google Analytics -- it analyses Google search clicks. However, it has the added functionality of checking for SEO errors, and checking how effectively Google's web spider can scan and understand your content. This is a useful way to check whether or not your SEO plans work as you trial their implementation -- it will detect any errors or problems for Google search understanding your content, and suggest subsequent improvements. This will help you to fine tune and perfect your business's SEO practices.

Social Media Reporting

It's common knowledge that social media is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your site. With social media reports, you can see engagement statistics on all of your company's social media. You can see how many subscribes your YouTube channel has, statistics like how many likes you get, the age of the person liking your content and the country in which people are engaging with and viewing your social media content.
One of the key benefits of this is that it saves you great deals of time -- rather than have to manually look at details regarding users engaging with your social media content, you can have automated reports automatically check every single post in the history of all of your company's social media! 

Like several other services mentioned in this article, it will aid you in any attempt to launch a new campaign to generate traffic to your site. If you're adapting how you use social media in a drive to increase traffic, then you can see the effect of each post you make using social media analytics. You can also see visually in the form of graphs how your engagement has changed over time, and what percentage of users you retain. Using this, you can better understand your audience. You can see where your users are, what their age is, and the kinds of platforms they use more frequently, which can further enhance how you use social media.

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So, traffic analytic data can clearly have a massive impact on how your company manages its website and its SEO strategy. If you're planning on using industry standard services like Google Analytics and Search Console, or cutting-edge technologies like Social Media Reporting, every company can use data better to increase its traffic, rank on search engines, and engagement on social media.