SEO Auditing

Do you know if your website has site errors that are causing issues with users and bots?

Do you know if your website has good quality scores to rank within Google?

To answer these questions, you need to scan your website with an auditing tool. By doing an audit of your website we will be able to understand problems and then fix them.

Increase Search Engine Quality Scores

With hundreds of quality scores that the major search engines like Google have to rank websites, the SEO auditing tools that we use are useful to pinpoint potential ranking opportunities and finding what is lacking with your site.

On-page SEO Audit

Auditing Tool Snapshot

We do a thorough on-page audit to guarantee that your site doesn't have any issues and to improve site quality scores.

Here are some of the elements that are detected:

  • Title length and duplication

  • Meta description length and duplication

  • Content duplication

  • Keyword variation

  • Structured Data

  • Missing Alt Tags for Images

  • Missing Headers

  • Slow load time

  • Indexation

  • XML Sitemap

  • Too many links on one page

  • Site errors

Off-Page Audit

Backlink Auditing snapshot

Backlinks, social signals, and NAP congruency are a major part of SEO. Our SEO tools will find out what you are lacking with:

  • Backlink quality (Checks for authority and trust)

  • Backlink quantity

  • Social media signals

  • NAP - Checks for negative variations of name, address, phone number across business citations, which helps with local results.

These scores follow (1) what signals are commonly known to rank websites and (2) what quality scores your competition is ranking for. It's not enough to know the common factors of ranking, but what your competition is doing to rank. Do they have a faster site? Do they structured data? More pages? By data mining your competitors on top of what is generally considered qualitative, you have opportunities to win keywords for quality organic traffic.

Audits & Website Performance

Naturally, if a user of a website has realized that the site is no longer functional, he or she will end up shifting to other alternative websites to continue getting the services. This means a loss to the owner of the neglected website, and, in turn, will mean a loss of ranking by search engines. It is therefore important to do site auditing before any new event is created on the website or quarterly.

We use several auditing tools to determine if your site is functioning properly. Auditing is critical when it comes to keeping your site error free. We use these tools to discover and eliminate common website errors. For instance, at times your client may be interested in to find some information from your website and then after being patient for the page to load, it suddenly presents a 404 error. Not good! This creates user frustration, which may cause you to lose potential customers and current clients. Some errors we fix include:

  • 404 Errors

  • 500 Internal Server Errors

  • 502 Bad Gateway Errors

  • Broken Images

Not only is this good for bots, but it ensures that your site is credible to users. In some cases, the website can be for a specific organization and so If a user is not able to get information from the site as a result of errors, the user may end up stranded. Such issues like 404 errors and broken images interfere with the loyalty of the user. Our company is here to help you make your website the best site to visit for users.

Why SEO Auditing is Important

Without auditing your website, we cannot understand what the problems and opportunities to beat out your competition for keywords.  But, not only does it send search engine bots quality signals, it also tells the users of your website that your site is legitimate. Contact us today about our SEO services that include auditing and more!

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