Social Media and SEO

What Makes a Great Social Media Post Engaging?

The word engagement in a world of social media marketing is thrown out a lot.

Unfortunately, only very few brands really recognize the ways of achieving it. Brands may use low effort game of feeding Facebook, tweeting, and Linkedining some updates about services, educational content, and products but eventually see only little engagement. It is not easy to achieve engagement; thus, you have to be well engaging. The like-my-page approach in your business niche probably will not be effective, as you would like.

Effective Ideas That Increase Your Social Media Engagement

1. Ask Questions

Asking a question is the best way to engage someone. People like to think things through and hear from the other thinkers. Definitely, their target is the other people to know what they are thinking. Try the following strategies to prompt your audience.

  • Probe their personality by posting a question that requires people to share their opinions on something.

  • Play the test your knowledge game, which is irresistible.

  • Post a poll. It is easy creating polls on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Just ask. Post a question. Do this in a blog post, social stream, online community or group or in a question and answer site. Asking followers provocative, timely and relevant questions creates one of the most thought provoking and engaging social media activity to all.

2. Expression

The way mobile phones and social media have collided makes universal smartphone the personal expression machine. It does not matter how you created content because the post may be self-destructing or permanent. Smartphone apps are enabling people to express themselves in many directions. Here are a few tips to encourage your audience create contents containing your brand.

  • Hash It Out - After posting something of interest on social media, do a small hashtag research first, or even hash out a unique expression, which reflects your brand, and invite your followers.

  • Conduct a Media-Uploading Contest - Most social media fans like Facebook and Instagram contests, which involve sharing and shooting original videos and photos.

  • Showcase partners, employees and customers and engage newcomers either by providing them with a platform for self-expression.

3. Incentives

There are many forms interacting contents, which include competitions. People also like to compete, play games, keep score, and best of all win. In your promotions, feature compelling incentives, which satisfy your audience competitive spirit. After incentives, reveal valuable prizes, but even small rewards may surprise you by bringing a sizable lure.

4. Making Offers

You can engage prospects and customers the old-fashioned way using attractive offers like:

  • Instant discount and coupons

  • Membership clubs

  • Picking your discount promotions

  • Free shipping

It is easy to promote offers on Facebook using a portfolio called offer ad. Facebook fans can redeem these offer ads online or save them to be redeemed in store. A Facebook help page offers the following top practices.

Promote your offers. After you create an offer ad, pin the ad at the top of your page to be noticed easily.

  • It is possible to share among friends.

  • Make discounts considerable. Offers with discounts of about 20 percent or free items will reach out more people.

  • Use engaging images. Photos of a product itself perform poorly compared to those of people using the product.

  • Set an expiration date, which gives people a few days to claim and discover an offer and allow time for offer sharing among friends.

5. Utility

Utility and engagement are close companions on the web today. A research report from ION Interactive and Content Marketing Institute reveals that the top reasons of using interactive content are engaging and educating the audience. To engage potential customers, you are supposed to create useful contents, which include blog posts, tools, videos, mini-courses, downloadable guides, webinars, and helpful email sequences among others.

How Does Social Media Marketing and SEO Relate?

The best way of capturing appropriate traffic from the Internet is the search engine optimization (SEO). It is completely different from social media marketing, but the two are progressively working hand in hand. Content that is likely good for SEO tends to be very valuable on social media channels. To strengthen it, successful social media campaigns are being improvised. It is no longer enough to update your blog, ensure Meta descriptions and optimize title tags, and distribute your site links.

As a significant factor, Google, together with other search engines, may calculate their rankings depending on social media presence as a fact that strong brands always depend and use social media. As such, your active presence on social media acts as brand signal to search engines that your brand is credible, legitimate and trustworthy, increasing visibility to your audience; thus, good social media presence is mandatory if possible.