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You need a Facebook marketing company that understands your business and objectives. An agency that knows the ins and outs of Facebook advertising with a record of driving social media results. 

After all, your company’s Facebook profile and content acts as the second home for your brand – it has the potential to make a lasting impression on potential customers and drive new business. 

Your feed isn’t only a great place for others to learn about your business and services, but it’s also a way for users to start a conversation with you directly. 

However, if you’re new to Facebook advertising, it can feel a bit overwhelming getting started when you need to extend your budget in the right way to engage with your target audience. 

This is where Visual Rankings’s Facebook marketing services steps in. 

Why is Facebook Marketing Important?

Before getting into how a Facebook marketing agency can help, it’s important to know why it’s important in the first place.

Facebook isn’t just a popular platform for networking but also a prime location for driving traffic to your website. Why? Many of your customers are already on Facebook – looking at images, searching for advice, and reading reviews. If they like your feed, they’ll most likely click-through to your website as well.

Your Facebook page is an extension of your business. You’re able to develop relevant and transparent content, receive customer reviews, and talk with potential customers – all of which help your business grow in brand awareness and sales.

An updated Facebook profile with consistent content is essential if you’re looking to market your services, extend your brand to the millions of users, and stand out against your competition. 

How Do Facebook Marketing Services Grow Your Brand?

Visual Rankings has a talented team of marketing experts and creative designers who know what it takes to develop dynamic Facebook campaigns. Here’s how we help:

Ad Management

Managing your campaign doesn’t stop when you hit the “publish” button. To develop an effective Facebook ad strategy, you have to move beyond the set-it-and-forget-it mindset. 

Ad management gives you essential insight into what components of your campaign is working and what needs improvement. Visual Rankings monitors your Facebook ads to ensure your conversion rates and campaign costs align with your budget. 

Ad management benefits include:

    • Keyword optimization
    • Competitive research
    • Creative analysis
    • A/B testing

With the proper ad management strategy, your ads will be constantly monitored to optimize overall performance, test different elements, and drive growth for your brand. 

Visual Rankings does all of this for you so you can focus on your business’s big picture.

Performance Metrics

Facebook metrics interfaceThe only way to understand Facebook’s advertising performance and ROI is through monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Visual Rankings team accurately tracks your ranking and conversions through custom pixels to get you the most of your budget. Through metric analysis, you understand what ads were effective and achieve a better understanding of what your target audience likes for future campaigns. 

Driven by real-time data, essential Facebook KPIs tracked include:

    • Engagement
    • Page likes and follows
    • Website referral traffic
    • Ad frequency
    • Impressions and cost-per-impression
    • Click-through rate and cost-per-click

Focused on campaign optimization, Visual Rankings will track conversions and events so you can drive results for your business. 

Advanced Targeting

While it’s important that Facebook users see your campaign, it’s even more important to target the right audience. Is your ideal customer a millennial? Do they work in a certain industry? Regardless of who your customer is, Facebook’s advanced targeting features make it possible to reach potential new customers at the right time and with the right message. 

Visual Rankings will develop custom audiences based on your consumer personas to ensure your ads get maximum click-throughs and impressions. By targeting users who are likely to be interested in your brand, you’re more likely not only to grow sales but also to establish long-term brand loyalty with new customers. 

Facebook targeting features are based on:

    • Demographics
    • Interests
    • Behaviors
    • Location

With advanced targeting, Visual Rankings can get your campaign in front of the right people to produce long-term results for your brand. 

Boost Your Facebook Advertising with a Holistic Marketing Strategy

Building your Facebook presence is only a piece of the marketing puzzle. If you want to grow your brand presence, you need to take a holistic approach that encompasses your website and other digital channels.

Think of the customer journey. Sure, they may discover your company through a Facebook ad – but what happens once the user goes to your website to learn more? Do you set your brand’s vision and have a clear user experience? 

If not, the user you worked so hard to capture in your Facebook campaign may fall flat and move to a competitor. 

In conjunction with Facebook ads, Visual Rankings offers a full suite of website services to help your business grow. The team will identify gaps within your marketing strategy and assist with:

By building a holistic marketing strategy, you’re able to produce quality website traffic that meets your business goals. 

Drive Business Growth with Facebook Ads

If you want your ads to make a serious impact on your brand and bottom line, you need to utilize all the campaign features Facebook has to offer. Our Facebook marketing and SEO services help your business reach the top spot in search engines and drive traffic back to your website for conversions. 

With Visual Rankings’s Facebook marketing services, you can expect:

    • Increased likes and follows
    • Increased engagement
    • Increased brand recognition and reach
    • Increased website traffic from Facebook referrals

Your Facebook ads have the potential to bring in serious traffic to your website. With the ability to earn new customers and boost your ROI, you can foster long-lasting relationships that translate into more sales. Whether you’re a new business or seasoned veteran, getting started with Facebook marketing is a great way to earn credibility to build optimized search traffic. 

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