About Us

We’ve rebranded from Best Dallas SEO to Visual Rankings.

Our Story, & Why We Help

To date, we’ve enjoyed helping small business owners with their online marketing for over 20 years. 

From custom websites to full SEO campaigns, we understand the frustration of being “in the dark” with where you marketing budget is going.

That is why, we believe in transparency reporting, fair prices, and competitor research to help your business grow without wasting your time or breaking the bank. 

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What Makes Us Different

Most marketing agencies have boxed in packages, set and forget systems, and your website and invoice just becomes another number. 

At Visual Rankings, we care about the success of our clients. We offer extreme transparency in reporting, competitive results, and fair pricing backed by solid strategy for your brand visbility.

Jeff Tropiano - President

Jeff Tropiano - SEO Consultant
Jeff Tropiano – President & CEO Jeff has been working with business owners since the early part of 2000. Jeff is a self-made entrepreneur with a diverse and impressive background including thirty years of business ownership and experience.   For the last fifteen years Jeff has worked in the online marketing world, helping businesses create and market  brands that are visible and growing.   He currently runs Visual Rankings while collaborating with other web service companies.  His passion is to see healthy businesses being grown through long-term development.   Jeff is  committed to loyalty and integrity and treats his employees like family and his clients like good friends.  His experience with online visibility for local and national search expand from Web design, Ads, SEO, and Content.   At Visual Rankings, our commitment is to make your company more visible.  We do this by using an integrated team approach to online development. Other SEO companies may temporarily boost your rankings by playing games with Google’s algorithms. But we take a holistic approach to your location, competitors, and the history of your brand. This is why our team builds your brand step-by-step using key principles that really work. Then we walk alongside you long-term to maintain what we have developed, come what may in the ever-changing internet world.   If you are interested in working with the Visual Rankings team, then please contact me for a free needs evaluation and proposal at 214-681-3018 or email: jtseoconsulting@gmail.com.  

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua has been a full-time SEO since 2007. He and Jeff have worked together as a team for over a decade. He specializes in SEO.

He has personally helped hundreds of micro-business brands show up in Google search. Jeff calls him the “Digital Ninga.” 🙂

He lives in Redding California, with his two sons, daughter, and daughter-in-law.

picture of joshua cabe johnson SEO expert

Visual Rankings is Located, Managed, and Operated in The United States of America

Our Core Values


We desire to establish an honest relationship with you from the very beginning. This is the only way we know to make sure you are fully satisfied with the services we provide. 

Careful communication is the super-key we use to make sure we take your business in the direction you want. 

We pre-interview all of our clients, and we will turn you down if we don’t think we can provide what you need. 

At the same time, our entire business is built on an extreme commitment to integrity. We are not interested in making money if we haven’t helped you to do so too. 

In the end, because of our commitment to these principles, our work is extremely satisfying. 

When we see the results of businesses and individuals that have zeroed in on their niches, developed their social networks, and are seeing significantly increased profits, it brings us great joy. 

And that joy is what keeps us coming in to work each day.


Commitment To Relationships.

We deeply value relationships and want to do business with individuals and organizations ready to commit to a long-term working relationship with us. 

Many of our clients are lawyers or doctors wanting to represent their services online. 

We also support many small or mid-size businesses ready to develop their internet presence. The internet is full of get-rich-quick SEO schemes, but our dream is to provide you with practical long-term development. 

We want to help you navigate the constantly changing online world one business challenge at a time. We’ll be there when the algorithms change, causing your rankings to change too. 

And when that happens, we’ll know your organization’s history, allowing us to direct you toward the best possible online solutions. 

If you talk to those who have already used our services, you will hear incredible stories of the extra mile we are willing to go for our established client relationships. 

You won’t find this level of support very many places online!



Jeff is passionate about providing jobs to Americans and providing clients with American services. We need quality communication, transparency, and trust to be able to operate to our highest level.

We do not outsource our business – ever. You will be working with folks like you from right here in the U.S.A. 

We also believe that the foundation of good business is built on honoring family relationships. We fully support our team members and clients to put family first. In turn, we are rewarded by working relationships that are incredibly loyal and committed to our company and clients. 

We consistently ensure all is right on the home front and then give our full-out efforts to build your business. It’s a total win-win.