Keywords, Queries, And SEO

So many people do not understand the principles of Keyword research and the important part it plays in all our SEO efforts so hopefully we can give you a better understanding of keywords and how it should be done from an SEO perspective.

So why do keywords play such a vital part in SEO? Google and the other search engines rank the keywords and openly show you this with the 3 categories being

Hard Medium Light

So logically do you really think the search engines are going to rank your website that is targeting hard or medium keywords without ranking it for light keywords first?

The simple answer to this is no and if you are not naturally targeting the light competition keywords and ranking for them then the chances of ranking for hard or even medium keywords is far less as it is not natural.

It is our suggestion that you have 10 keywords from each category built into the content of your website and then start to rank for them with on-page and off-page SEO methods.

All too often we see websites trying to rank for keywords that have the largest search volume which in most niches means that these are the keywords with the highest competition and the webmasters fail and give up thinking they can’t achieve their goal when in fact the site has been built incorrectly from the outset.

So why do we say 30 Keywords?

As you will know from our previous article we recommend you have 2500 words minimum on-page and by selecting 30 keywords it will help you achieve this but also it should help keep your percentage ration of any one keyword lower which is also very important for long term rankings.

Imagine only having 4-5 keywords like most websites your percentage is going to be approximately 20% per keyword something the search engines look for and penalize sites all too often for but having 30 your percentage is going to be maybe 8% for the higher competition keywords and search volume keywords something far less likely to get spotted by the search engines as it looks far more natural.

You then need to understand that you need to start ranking the light keywords first although not focusing on them entirely as you need to build up the medium and high competition at the same time.

By following these natural steps you are far less likely to suffer a penalty at the hands of the search engines and will also rank for other keywords naturally that the search engines associate with your website.

When selecting your 30 keywords it is also important to look at the competition for each of the keywords you have selected and see how many links they have to that page of their site, how old is their domain and what is the Page Rank as well as the Trust Flow they have to ensure further down the line you can compete with them.

These simple keyword steps will help you and your SEO long term and make it all look natural to the search engines so now you have a choice the decision is yours.

Follow our other articls to get the basics of SEO we are sure they will help you long term.

What About On-Page SEO?

We all have different thoughts on what should be included with our on-page seo and there is so much we can do on-page to try and help our rankings but the major factor we should consider above everything else is the content on the website should be for our visitors and not for the search engines. By following this simple rule you can be sure your conversions will increase and we will look at some good practises you can use online to help this even further.

Firstly is the written content on the page, too many site have very little content or descriptions on them that the user has no real idea what it is about and generally leave the site which is now consider a bad signal in the eyes of the search engines.

To help keep visitors on page give them enough relevant information on whatever the site is about and also give them reviews or further information. This will not only help you beat your competition but will also allow you to add keywords in naturally to the written content which is beneficial for everyone. It is generally considered good practice to have at least 2500 word of written content on the website.

As it is also considered Google now has the ability to check the grammar with its most recent algorithm release it is important to get your website proof-read. Take the time to write good quality content in a structured manner as it is sure to help your rankings long term. When writing content ensure you use the (H) tags 1-4 so the search engines can understand your content more and the relevance of the content as this will also help your rankings.

The next thing to consider is are you linking to authority sites from your site and if not why not as Google and other search engines expect this and it is also natural to reference other authority sites. This is a big issue with many site owners as they do not want to link to other sites but as I said it is expected by the search engines. The beauty of linking to authority sites is that the links are far less likely to be broken in the future so you do not need to continue to check them.

Next we should consider having a video on the website and above the fold so the user can see it without scrolling down the page. If possible make the video yourself or have it done professionally whether it be a review or information and most importantly make it interesting for the user otherwise it may have a negative impact on the site. It is also beneficial to have the video hosted on you-tube and to have a substantial description in you tube for the video for back-linking purposes.

Finally use images on the site to make it more interesting to the eye and to break up the text which should help the user stay on the page longer. This is some of the basic on-page SEO techniques for your website and should be read in conjunction with the other information we have supplied regarding site title and description.

Keep checking for other SEO articles in the coming weeks to help you understand the subject better.

Does My Website Description Really Help With My SEO?

In our previous article we showed you the rights and wrongs of the title of your website and you should also place as much importance on your description as you do your title and here we will cover the reasons why and how it should be done for the user and search engines just like we did in the last article but with the best practices for the description on this occasion for SEO purposes and conversions.

So unlike titles descriptions are actually calculated in characters which include full stops etc and should never exceed 155 characters in total. Some people will say 161 characters which is currently correct but if Google change the page layout anytime in the future you have a small margin to play with if you keep it at 155 but at 161 you have none so always play safe when you have so many characters to use.

So what should a description include? Your description should include your primary keyword and a secondary keyword and similar to the title should be written to engage the user and make them want to find out more. It should also be written in 2 short sentences which I will explain further.

The first sentence should have the primary keyword at the beginning or very close to the beginning and the second sentence should be exactly the same with the second keyword.

Like the title you should include words like best, free, offer, alternative etc in the first sentence where possible and in the second sentence words like visit us today, what are you going to miss out on, the only solution you will ever need to engage your audience and make then visit your website.

As with the title both sentences must be good grammar and read correctly for the user and if you follow this you will be 98% ahead of your competition and will also increase your rankings naturally. So let’s look at a good example and a bad example to help you write powerful SEO descriptions that will help your conversions long term. “Soccer caps for all ages. We supply top quality Football caps for all the major teams in the UK at the best prices online guaranteed. Gets yours here today” “Football caps for sale. If you want to buy a soccer cap then we have lots for you including football caps for everyone.” You can see from description one it uses the keywords once in each sentence close to the front and has a call to action in the description “get yours here today” but description 2 is keyword stuffing doesn’t read as good and has no call to action.

These are common mistakes not just from an SEO perspective but also a conversion prospective and if you can follow these simple guidelines we are sure you will only see the benefits moving forward. Always remember to use the keywords, 2 sentences and ensure it reads correctly and you will be on your way to improving your website for the long term.

The Google ZOO Keeps Growing!

Over the last 3 years, we have seen so many updates by Google that many webmasters have left the industry and many more are struggling to come to terms with the changes that has impacted on their website so what are these updates and why “Google zoo” you may ask.

Well the first major update that was released was as far back as February 2011 which Google called the Panda update which impacted quite a lot of sites but the major Panda release of that year was April which had the whole SEO community holding their heads with what Google had just released.

It took months for webmasters to finally piece together what was some of the major factors in this algorithm change by Google and for some it was already too late and they had lost their on-line income but for the remainder of the SEO community it was time to try and recover their websites from the hammer blow many had suffered.

It was slowly discovered that Google had finally started to pay more attention to the websites content and structure and for many this was bad news while for others who genuinely presented good quality content on their site see a big jump in their rankings.

There is far too many on-page factors to mention in the Panda updates of the past but one thing is for sure you can guarantee Google will continue to release updates to this algorithm in the future so make sure you pay attention when modifying your current site or building a new site.

Here is just a sample of what Panda does check: * Site load Speed * Clean Code * Site hierarchy * Readability * User friendly

Does it accommodate every user including the visually impaired?

Does the content match what the user is looking for By ensuring this is in place will help your user and rankings which can only mean one thing, yes you got it your rankings and quality score will improve.

The next animal Google released was the Penguin almost a year after the Panda second release in April 2012 and boy did this not have the SEO community scrambling for cover as so many Webmasters watched their websites disappear overnight and not only their own but that of their clients also. This also resulted in many webmasters leaving the industry and has also resulted in a lawsuit from one client against their SEO consultancy firm for breaching Google webmaster guidelines.

So what did this animal hit and why did it hit so many so hard? The penguin algorithm update focused on the websites backlinks and the relevancy of them to the content of the site they were pointing to and it didn’t take rocket science for Google to realise that most of the sites links were spam so they algorithm did 2 things.

Firstly it discounted these inks and secondly it penalized the sites for violating their terms and conditions with many sites receiving a manual penalty and others just an algorithm penalty depending on the severity of the links found.

This has made webmasters very wary of how they build links today but sadly grey hat and black hat are still competing and winning in most niches online so be prepared for another major update to Penguin soon.

If you want to check your backlink history simply add your site to majesticseo and you will be given a free report you can study and help your backlink profile moving forward.

Good luck and watch out for our other SEO articles which cover some more topics in greater detail.