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Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance & Management Service

No matter the type of company (small businesses, subscription e-commerce services, large corporations), the variety of website maintenance elements to keep a website running effectively is vital in keeping our customers engaged.

Visual Rankings believes that keeping websites up to date for our customers is a must. Website maintenance includes everything from continually updating content to maintaining website functionality.

Who Can Benefit from Visual Rankings Website Maintenance Services?

The size of a business does not matter – what does matter is that your business has a well-functioning and engaging website. It takes around 50 milliseconds for a website user to form an opinion on whether to continue scrolling through a site or not.

That is a lot of pressure, regardless of the company’s size. Visual Rankings can help brick and mortar corporations, mom-and-pop shops, and all others in between find balance between proper functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Large Organizations

Visual Rankings can offer large corporate businesses that have been around for years fresh insights regarding web content by updating outdated themes and adding social media and other related links, which leads to gaining new customers. For larger companies that already have a loyal following, a considerable amount of traffic comes to their websites. These sites need to be updated frequently in different capacities. Website maintenance preserves time-sensitive data and maintains mailing lists for current subscriptions.

Online Shopping Companies

Online shopping and e-commerce sites depend on a solid online reputation and ongoing social engagement for a healthy business. Visual Rankings also offers paid advertising, pay-per-click ad services, and an effective search engine, all of which create an effective website.

Independent, Family-Owned, or Other Small Businesses

Small, family-owned businesses needing an economical way to preserve data and gain online traffic can turn to Visual Rankings. A new or smaller company must build a reputation with future customers. Visual Rankings can assist by using SEO content to place higher within search engine results. Along with gaining a following, an independent business must also build a visually appealing and easy-to-use website. We can set up a new website using this information and maintain website functionality from the very beginning.

Keeping WordPress Website Maintenance Up to Date

There is a wide range of features to check out when it comes to website development and maintenance.

Plugins, security, SEO content, clearing out unneeded information, and updating website subject matter are just a few essentials to keeping websites such as WordPress working effectively.

Here are some of the many services we provide for maintaining your website:

  • ‣ Security Updates
  • ‣ Malware scans and protection
  • ‣ Plugin Updates
  • ‣ WordPress Updates
  • ‣ Backups – if the host allows
  • ‣ Broken pages
  • ‣ Broken Images
  • ‣ Site cache and speed performance issues
  • ‣ Client Support

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Top Tips for Website Maintenance

Secure and protect: One of our main concerns at Visual Rankings is to maintain and secure our clients’ information. Keeping information safe and protected, and from getting hacked can be a severe problem if not prepared. We suggest starting this practice by enforcing strong password usage. A password with a variety of characters, capitalization, numbers, and symbols should be sufficient. Use a secure hosting service such as remote monitoring or network monitoring as another way to ensure security. Regularly scan for malware as well – daily if possible.

  • Have a backup plan: It is always an unpleasant feeling when our hard work is erased due to not backing up our information online. If the website has been backed up, it can simply be rebooted to its previous state. To avoid the chance of completely erased content, there are a variety of free plugin options to choose from that will save precious time and hard work. A few examples of WordPress plugin options include Updraft Plus, which works for multiple sites, includes support and hourly scheduled backups. Duplicator Pro gives the option to schedule or back up content at that moment, along with bundling a site into a package. Lastly, BlogVault restores lost or erased content when needed. Due to the variety of plugins out there, it is simply a personal choice on which to pick for a particular site.
  • Use premium plugins: Using paid plugin options can maximize opportunities and protect online presence. Yoast, starting at $65 a month, is an example of a premium WordPress plugin that contains extra functionality that includes a dynamic internal linking feature that will make your SEO campaign far more effective.
  • Clear out the clutter: Outdated blogs from 3 or 4 years ago, strings of unnecessary comments, and too many plugins are just a few examples of clutter that can bog down a website. Visual Rankings believes in using clear information without the distractions. Update that webpage that is dated over a year ago. Keep information relevant and up to date to gain credibility.
  • Regularly update website design: Visual Rankings knows that the design of a website may not affect how the site physically runs, but it can still make or break customer engagement. Along with quick loading times and security, the visually appealing and easy to navigate aspects are important as well to website maintenance. We believe in designing websites for viewers so that it is easy to find information and keeps visitors engaged throughout the visit on the website. If a website’s blog post page or public relations page has not been updated in a year, for instance, our customers may overlook the content completely. Regularly updating website design is another way of gaining credibility from our customers. Contact Visual Rankings for an SEO-friendly and visually appealing website design.
  • Maintain website speed: Waiting on a website to load is a way to lose users. Visitors are less likely to revisit a site that takes four or more seconds to load. Choosing a quality hosting service is an aspect to consider for maintaining website speed. A website lives at the host, so if a high amount of traffic is expected or the website needs additional enhancement to work at a decent speed, we may need a new host. Keep plugins updated, implement caching, and compress website files to keep websites up to speed.
  • Take time to review all website maintenance elements: All previous elements work together as a whole to make a website function properly and gain viewers. If one or two of these elements is not maintained, the entire website may suffer. By utilizing the entire list, users are much more likely to continue to use the website.

Visual Rankings Offers Effective Website Maintenance Services

At Visual Rankings, an SEO company, our goal is to provide services our customers can trust. We specialize in technical SEOlink buildingcontent marketing, and web design

Along with assisting small businesses and large corporations in gaining online traffic and marketing brands, we believe in educating our customers on effective website maintenance practices.

Securing website content from hacking, backing up information through appropriate plugins, clearing outdated or irrelevant content, and maintaining a quick website loading speed are all important regarding website maintenance and development.

A website’s health is an overwhelming factor in developing a clear online presence, but with the proper tools, it can be as easy as an automatic update. Both businesses and customers alike benefit from a healthy, smooth-running website.

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