What About On-Page SEO?

We all have different thoughts on what should be included with our on-page seo and there is so much we can do on-page to try and help our rankings but the major factor we should consider above everything else is the content on the website should be for our visitors and not for the search engines. By following this simple rule you can be sure your conversions will increase and we will look at some good practises you can use online to help this even further.

Firstly is the written content on the page, too many site have very little content or descriptions on them that the user has no real idea what it is about and generally leave the site which is now consider a bad signal in the eyes of the search engines.

To help keep visitors on page give them enough relevant information on whatever the site is about and also give them reviews or further information. This will not only help you beat your competition but will also allow you to add keywords in naturally to the written content which is beneficial for everyone. It is generally considered good practice to have at least 2500 word of written content on the website.

As it is also considered Google now has the ability to check the grammar with its most recent algorithm release it is important to get your website proof-read. Take the time to write good quality content in a structured manner as it is sure to help your rankings long term. When writing content ensure you use the (H) tags 1-4 so the search engines can understand your content more and the relevance of the content as this will also help your rankings.

The next thing to consider is are you linking to authority sites from your site and if not why not as Google and other search engines expect this and it is also natural to reference other authority sites. This is a big issue with many site owners as they do not want to link to other sites but as I said it is expected by the search engines. The beauty of linking to authority sites is that the links are far less likely to be broken in the future so you do not need to continue to check them.

Next we should consider having a video on the website and above the fold so the user can see it without scrolling down the page. If possible make the video yourself or have it done professionally whether it be a review or information and most importantly make it interesting for the user otherwise it may have a negative impact on the site. It is also beneficial to have the video hosted on you-tube and to have a substantial description in you tube for the video for back-linking purposes.

Finally use images on the site to make it more interesting to the eye and to break up the text which should help the user stay on the page longer. This is some of the basic on-page SEO techniques for your website and should be read in conjunction with the other information we have supplied regarding site title and description.

Keep checking for other SEO articles in the coming weeks to help you understand the subject better.