3 Advanced Sales-Boosting Website Conversion Techniques

CEO Approved Content

CEO Approved Content

Keywords. Traffic. Rankings.

These things are all good…

But what do you really want from your website?



Because that’s what keeps you in business after all, yes?

SEO’s code word for sales is “conversions.”

You hear this more general term because it could also refer to newsletter subscribers, product sales, contact form requests, or service sales.

It can be a broad term, depending on the source.

But when I use it here today, I mean “sales” – cash in your company’s pocket.

The average website converts 2% of traffic into paying customers.

Even though a 50% improvement results in just a 3% conversion rate, you still get 50% more profit in your coffers.

So for those websites that convert well above average, what are some advanced techniques they use?


Exit-Intent Popups

Typically, you think pop-ups only annoy. They do in some cases. But when used right, they capture a substantial amount of business.

Affordable tools, like Sumo, allow you to customize when popups appear and exactly what they say. Then you test the heck out of them until you find what works.

“Exit-intent” pop-ups appear when people on your site hover their cursor over the “X” in the upper right of their browser.

Instead of living, you could hit them with a 10-20% discount on an item (and get their email address). You’d have to test offers to find the highest converting one specific to your business and website (because every website is different).

But it certainly presents a great opportunity to win more business.

Use Sticky Bars – AKA “Nanobars”

You’ve likely seen these before. Basically, they’re a small bar at the top of your website that follows your visitor as they scroll down the page.

You do give them the power to close the bar if they want.

However, you increase your conversions by giving your most persuasive offer. If you sell a service, maybe you give a limited-time offer of 25% off to just the next 5 customers.

If you sell products, maybe you notify your customers of a site wide sale that’s only good for the next 72 hours.

Again, you have to test the offer structures to find what works best. But, another opportunity to increase your conversions.

A/B Test Your Marketing Messaging

Called “split testing,” you can now get free tools (through Google and others) that allow you to easily test one variant of a website against another.

What you say in certain areas of your website (especially your titles) affects your conversions.

…Like a lot!

You could easily increase your conversions 100-300% by testing different titles.

Where do you find ideas for your titles?

Easy. Anywhere you can find reviews:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • A niche review site like Avvo (a law directory for lawyers)

You can even use your competitor’s reviews to cross-reference and gain more certainty of what messages to test.

As long as the messaging applies to your company and you can deliver on the promise it makes, it’s totally fine to use.

Look for words and phrases people use over and over for the highest-selling ideas.

Conversion Doesn’t End There

Those are just some simple low-time, high-return conversion techniques you can use starting now.

However, entire websites with millions of words of information dedicated to conversion optimization exist.

Companies exist who charge 7 figures or more to do “conversion optimization.”

So, it gets highly sophisticated.

For now, you’re at least loaded with a few high-return techniques to grow your sales.

And that’s something no business can object to!

Contact us at Visual Rankings for to let us help you throug onling marketing.

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has personally helped over 1000 clients with online visibility and brand strategy for SEO growth.

Visual rankings has been helping small business owners online since 2002.

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