3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Content to Boost Your Search Rankings 

CEO Approved Content

CEO Approved Content

How do you get your amazing content the attention it deserves? It’s getting harder but it’s not impossible. Learn how to promote your content so you shoot up the search rankings while your competitors scratch their heads in confusion. Have you ever thought about how much content is online? As you probably have guessed, it’s quite a bit. No one knows a precisely accurate number. Consultant Maurice de Kunder estimates the size of the indexed web at about 48 billion pages.

And that’s just what Google indexes. There’s also a mysterious area of the web called the “Deep Web” that Google and other search engines do not index. As you might think, this is an area of the web where illegal activity happens. But, that’s not all. It can also just be people who want to stay anonymous.

Now, add to this that around 4 million blog posts get written daily, and you have a real pickle of a problem: how do you get your humble blog post noticed out of all those 4 million created just today?

Because of the level of “content saturation,” it’s becoming necessary to actively promote your content, instead of simply creating, optimizing, and letting it sit. And blasting it out on your social media profiles is not enough either.

So here’s some simple ways you can promote your content so you can earn more links:

  1. Mention Industry Influencers and Reach Out to Them

Today, people with built up social media followings have a lot of marketing power. So, mention something they said in your blog post, and pop them an email after you’ve created it to let them know.

Not every single one will share your post. But, at least some will.

  1. Create an “Expert Roundup Post”

These posts have massive SEO power. And, you build a slew of strong business relationships too.

With this kind of post, you simply ask an “expert” for their answer to a question. You include 50 – 150 experts.

Since they participate, they’re happy to share your post when completed.

  1. Message People Who Have Created Similar Content

As you create any content piece, you undoubtedly researched many sources. Keep track of them. Use the free and accurate Email Hunter to find their email address quickly.

Then, send them a message simply letting them know you created content similar to what they did. It’s important you don’t ask them to share because fewer people respond to that when you simply let them know you’ve created the content.

Do You See How Direct and Personal Content Promotion Is?

The natural instinct for most inexperienced digital marketers is to blast your message out there to as many people as possible. That’s actually going to get you weaker results than reaching out personally to a more targeted group.

You can think of it as “niching” your content promotion.

Anyway, it’s becoming an important part of SEO. And when you do it, you get social shares, links, rankings, and eventually customers.

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has personally helped over 1000 clients with online visibility and brand strategy for SEO growth.

Visual rankings has been helping small business owners online since 2002.

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