How to Make Twitter Your SEO Secret Weapon

CEO Approved Content

CEO Approved Content

Seems like all you ever hear on Twitter is people screaming their political opinions, isn’t it?

Sometimes, you wonder how social media can even exist because it apparently adds absolutely no value to the world.

…But it does!

And you suspect that’s so. But you aren’t exactly sure how to make it work for you.

So let’s transform Twitter from just another place that grinds your gears – and into your SEO secret weapon:

Optimize Your Tweets with the Same Keywords You Target on Google

Look, we know that the more social shares you get, the better you rank. It’s not a perfect 1:1 correlation. But the two do have a strong relationship.

What better way to position yourself for shares than by using the keywords people search to find content in your niche?

Add them to your bio, which appears on your page when people visit you. That gives you a static, unchanging (and optimized) presence.

And do the same for your Tweets too.

Include your keywords. But don’t give your audience the impression you’re optimizing your Tweets. That sends them running the other way.

Add Hashtags…Without Being Obnoxious

Ever run into those Tweets you can barely read because literally, every other word is a hashtag?

That’s overkill.

Instead, simply include 1-3 hashtags at the end of your post.

Hashtags work a few ways. You can:

  • Get yourself included in trending topics
  • Create a branded hashtag to increase awareness of your own company
  • Simply use hashtags to increase your exposure for relevant topics and searches

The tool shows you the 10 most popular hashtags related to the one you enter.

Twitonomy shows you the top 10 hashtags for industry influencers you search.

Both are free!

Use Media As Often As You Can

Images and video increase your shares per Tweet.

How much?


That’s according to Buffer data shared at Hubspot.

More shares mean more clicks.

And that results in stronger search rankings.

Run a Simple Giveaway or Poll

Who doesn’t want something free?

You probably have someone in your family who won’t pass up a free product or service. Even if they don’t need it!

If you do a giveaway, make sure you offer something related to what your company does. Do this so you attract potential customers.

If you run an HVAC company, you could give away an A/C unit cleaning or tune-up, for example.

Some companies make the mistake of giving away a product unrelated to their business, like a gas card.

Guess what?

People take the card. And never come back!

With your poll, you can go many routes.

You could spark debate. Ask your customers about their preferences (this doubles as free market research).

People love to give their opinions.

You do them a favor by offering them the opportunity.

And Don’t Forget Paid Advertising Options

Truthfully, you don’t need to use any of Twitter’s paid options to improve your SEO.

But if you have the budget, it helps.

You can create promoted Tweets that appear to users who don’t actually follow you.

You can do the same for your entire account.

Twitter lets you precisely target your audience so you get the most value out of the promotions you run.

So now, instead of letting Twitter be the place you go to get angry about other people’s political opinions, you can use it to drive your SEO (and revenue) through the roof!

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has personally helped over 1000 clients with online visibility and brand strategy for SEO growth.

Visual rankings has been helping small business owners online since 2002.

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