CEO Approved Content

CEO Approved Content

Why do divorce lawyers with a law firm website need a search engine optimization service?

If you own or work with a family law practice that handles divorce and child custody cases, you probably want to grow your business by utilizing the powerful platform Google.

You may have looked at options for advertising, social media marketing, and even display ads but didn’t get the results you were looking for. Maybe you didn’t have a solid SEO strategy in play.

You may have seen your competitors crushing the family law business, and you want to know how to have more of the market percentage in your area.

While the average cost for a divorce case runs around $17,000, the average SEO campaign may cost you only a fraction of that per month.

Doing the math on search potential search traffic in your area and a bit of keyword research will quickly show you the value that SEO can promise. And how the SEO long-term strategy can guarantee you get the percentage of market share you’re hoping for.

Imagine having leads through word of mouth and then winning leads through natural, organic search. People want to hire you, they just didn’t know where to look, but now that you’re showing up in the search engines, the phone is ringing ten times more.

We have a client in one of the biggest cities in the United States. He runs a divorce law firm and receives over 70 qualified leads per month from just SEO services.

His website wins about 1,000 unique visits from his area every single month. He’s winning because he saw the potential in SEO for family law and what it could do for his business.

But it didn’t happen overnight. He knew that his website was old and outdated.

The SEO architecture was heavily errored in communication, and the content and technical SEO were poorly optimized.

But with a bit of consulting, time, and ongoing SEO implementation, we helped him win and win big!

He knew that by trusting us with his marketing budget, eventually, it would pay off. And it did.

The first step to showing up in search or showing up better than you currently are is to make a call and get a consultation.

In this consultation, we can help you find where your benchmarks are by reverse engineering your competitor’s SEO and helping you with an SEO budget that is fair and honest.

You may want to see what potential traffic you could expect and how much traffic your competitors are currently receiving. It’s simple to show you that and important to know.

Pro tip ~ Before you hire your SEO to help you win leads, ask them how much time per week they will need to compete well against your competitors.

If they are just adding you to a “sales marketing package”, chances are, there is no SEO strategy tailored exactly to your needs. 

Do your homework, and build trust with your SEO’s so that you can feel good about spending your marketing budget on SEO.

As a divorce attorney, you’ll want to know what kind of website, SEO content, links, architecture, and quality benchmarks will be needed to compete in your space.

If you don’t understand where your competitor benchmarks are, how can you ever expect honesty from your SEO team?

We use SAAS & A.I. tools that run correlations to see exactly where your benchmarks will be. If your competition is running a family law firm and their website has 200 indexed pages, what makes you think a 20-page website will be able to compete?

If your competitor has a family law website that has over 100 top-tier links pointing to it, then why would we ever want to build ten?

Or worse yet, why would we want to build only local citation links when your competitor has a few dozen links from authority websites like Forbes?

If your competitor is blogging, and they don’t have pictures, then you don’t need them, but what if you added them, and better yet, add infographics to your content and upped the benchmarks in your industry to become the best website in your niche and area?

So when you learning about search engine optimization services, always consider your competitor benchmarks and make sure your SEO understands them well.

Pro tip: To check the amount of indexed pages in Google. Type “site:” followed by the domain you are exploring into Google’s search box. 

Good SEO for family law attorneys is hard to find.

Why? Big agencies usually win over lawyers with fancy reporting and sales managers but deliver small results.

The quality looks good on the cover, but errors and lack of dominant strategy usually come with the big price they charge.

For family law SEO, you’re going to need benchmarks, quality content, perfect website architecture, superior link building, dev-oriented technical SEO, and strong on-page SEO.

Transparent reporting with key performance indicators will also be something to look for so you can see the return on investment.


Finding a fair, honest, and trusted SEO for family law attorneys is hard.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but you need to connect with an SEO consultant and start the process of a trusted relationship.

The first step is to call us today so we can help you win and show up well. We’ll discuss your needs, take a look at your competitors, talk about a fair budget, and go from there.

No high-pressure sales, no fancy slide deck pitch, and best of all, no inflated SEO costs that break your bank.

Call us today, we’d love to meet you. 

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has personally helped over 1000 clients with online visibility and brand strategy for SEO growth.

Visual rankings has been helping small business owners online since 2002.

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